Professional research

The economic position of the composer

The Social and Economic Council (Sociaal Economische Raad, SER) and the Council for Culture (Raad voor Cultuur) recently published an investigation into the labour market position of artists. The report caused quite a stir and discussion of this is fully under way. We therefore want to research how things are going in terms of the socioeconomic position of composers. Are things going worse or better than the SER outlines? And how is that position with regard to previous years?

The objective is to gain insights into the current professional practice of composers: use of grants, earnings, sources of income and ancillary activities, and thus to further stimulate debate and set positive development in motion. Participate with our professional research.

Giving a voice to composer in the Netherlands is one of our core activities. It is of great importance to offer insight into the financial position of composers when having social and political discussions about the position of the professional group. The research also helps Nieuw Geneco to be more responsive to the wishes of those it represents.

This research is being conducted among both members and non-members, and is under the direction of project leader Jantine Postma, together with senior researcher Time De Leeuw, department of Economics, Tilburg University and Utrecht University.

The research committee consists of the following people:

  • Esther Gottschalk, director Nieuw Geneco
  • Anne Parlevliet, composer / board member Nieuw Geneco
  • Mayke Nas, composer / member Nieuw Geneco
  • Thomas Winther Andersen, composer / musician / chairman BIMpro
  • Dr Tim de Leeuw, senior scientific researcher Tilburg University
  • Jantine Postma, project leader professional research Nieuw Geneco and Master’s student in Arts Policy and Management, Utrecht University