New Music NOW

Network and platform for new music

New Music NOW is the network and platform for new musicNew Geneco is a collaborative partner of New Music NOW.

New Music NOW encourages the creation, playing and sharing of new music. Together with the Do-It-Together network of composers, musicians, organizers, music lovers, friends and donors, New Music NOW is building a growing community around new music.

Activities include:

  • Platform New Music NOW – All information about new music in one place, where composers active in the Netherlands are central.Airplay on radio, TV and online
  • Airplay on radio, TV and online
  • Day of the Composer (annually on the 3rd Saturday in June).

New Music NOW Foundation is an independent foundation designated as a cultural public benefit corporation (anbi). Buma Cultuur and New Geneco are important founding partners.

Members of Nieuw Geneco have an edge over New Music NOW. As a New Geneco member you can:

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