Nieuw Geneco

Nieuw Geneco

The Nieuw Genootschap van Nederlandse Componisten (New Association of Dutch Composers, Nieuw Geneco) is a professional association recognised by Buma/Stemra and critically follows the policy developments of central government, municipalities and provinces holding consultations and maintaining contacts with the organisations important to Dutch composed music, such as Buma/Stemra, the Performing Arts Fund NL and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Nieuw Geneco is represented in Kunsten ‘92, de Creatieve Coalitie, Platform Makers, the European Composers and Song writers Alliance (ECSA) and affiliated organisations.

Nieuw Geneco is a professional association that promotes the direct and indirect interests of Dutch composers. Our aim is to promote the creation of new music and increase the visibility of composers working in the Netherlands. We therefore advocate a broader base of support and additional funding flows.

Nieuw Geneco is also a source of knowledge and inspiration for composers, music professionals and the general public. It provides them with practical information regarding contacts, business support, composing and performance opportunities, and stimulates exchange of knowledge and contact among colleagues.

We represent almost 300 composers in the Netherlands and have been illustrating the diversity of composing since 1911. The members of the association are creators of both complex and accessible, as well as conventional and unconventional, composed music. The composers work in a broad range of genres, such as art and concert music, jazz, improvisation, harmony, fanfare and brass music, choral music, electronic and electro-acoustic music, sounds performances, installations, as well as creating works for theatre, dance, ballet, musical theatre, the visual arts and film.

The association creates a distinct profile for itself through innovative initiatives that emphasise the importance of Dutch composers for a colourful musical landscape:

  • We promote our message with a new elan; resolute, bold and proud with regard to the value of art and classical music.
  • We emphasise the professionalism and value of the profession of ‘composer’ through advocating a fair fee for compositions and fair remunerations for intellectual property rights.
  • We stimulate cooperation in the entire chain of musical education, vocational training, publishers, performing musicians (professional and amateur), venues, festivals, media and funds.
  • We involve listeners and music lovers at the association by providing a platform for community ad private financing as well as functioning as a sounding board.
  • We stimulate a sense of collectivity, because we can only successfully promote the collective interests of composers by working together.
  • We stimulate camaraderie and solidarity through respect for differences in professional practices across the sector and support for each other’s position.

On 8 July 2014, the Nieuw Genootschap van Nederlandse Componisten (New Association of Dutch Composers, Nieuw Geneco) was created through the merger of GeNeCo (Genootschap van Nederlandse Componisten, Association of Dutch Composers) and Componisten ’96 (Composers ‘96). In addition, Nieuw Geneco, including its predecessors, has been united with the Association of Improvising Musicians (Bond van Improviserende Musici, BIM) in the Union of Composers (Unie van Componisten).

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