Become a member


Become a member

Nieuw Geneco is the Dutch professional association for composers of among others classical, modern, contemporary, improvised, jazz and world music. Joining Nieuw Geneco means becoming part of a large network of professionals. Collectively we strengthen the position of composers and create visibilty for the composing profession. But what can you expect from us precisely as a Nieuw Geneco member?

Nieuw Geneco stands up for your interests
Nieuw Geneco is actively involved in political discussions and negotiations, in which we advocate the position of all composers. Nieuw Geneco is the recognised professional association for so-called ‘serious music’ with Buma/Stemra and has, for many years, been an influential consultation partner for The Cultural Council, the Performing Arts Fund NL and other cultural funds with respect to composed music, grant schemes and art music policy.  In addition, Nieuw Geneco maintains good contact with the individual and combined ensembles, orchestras, venues and festivals. This concerns creating and performance opportunities for composers and musicians, fair remunerations for work and rights and shared interests for a healthy and inspiring music scene.

Nieuw Geneco annually presents the Nieuw Geneco Fair Practice Award to organizations that demonstrate good commissioning practices. The Nieuw Geneco Commission Fee Table is the standard for calculating a fair commission fee for composers and is endorsed by the entire music scene.

Nieuw Geneco gives you the right to vote
As a member, you have the right to vote and you can exercise influence on the policy to be conducted via committees, the board and the membership meeting. It is precisely because of the turbulent national and international developments in the music world that is now important to communicate the ideas of composers and exercise the right to vote. That is why Nieuw Geneco is represented in Buma/Stemra, Platform Makers, Kunsten ’92, de Creatieve Coalitie and the European Composers and Song writers Alliance.

Nieuw Geneco is a service bureau
Have you got questions about grants, copyright or contracts? Or are you looking for contact details of venues and festivals? We can help your further by bringing you into contact with other people from our broad network of music professionals.

Nieuw Geneco will keep you informed
Nieuw Geneco will keep you informed of policy in the field of composed music, new opportunities relating to competitions, symposia, grants and promotional activities by means of a newsletter.

Nieuw Geneco organises membership meetings and networking events
Nieuw Geneco organises a membership meeting and networking event at least twice per year. During our meetings, you can meet your fellow musicians and commissioners in an informal setting.

Nieuw Geneco arranges member benefits
As a Nieuw Geneco member, you get discounts at various festivals and venues. As a Nieuw Geneco member, you get access to the New Music NOW platform and activities, including the Dutch Composers Day.

Interested in becoming a member? Please fill in the online registration form. As part of the application we would like to receive three representative compositions, in the form of scores, sound recordings and / or links, preferably with a sound recording of the accompanying composition. After receiving the completed registration form and requested attachments, you will be assessed by the Ballot Committee. This committee meets four times a year. This committee measures the applications on the professional level of the composer: you must clearly be actively working as a composer. If you have any questions, please contact us via

Membership Fee 2024
The membership fee is dependent on one’s income as composer. There are two scales: €94,50 a year for gross annual incomes up to € 18,000.00 and €157,50 per year when you earn more than € 18,000.00 gross per year.

Composers gain from a strong association. Only a strong association can take authoritative action if it speaks on behalf of all its members. In order to organise effectively, it is important that we attract as many active and committed members as possible.

Last but not least, it is important that the association is guaranteed a basic budget from memberships fees, a contribution from Buma/Stemra per member entitled to vote and donations, in order to be able to deliver the required work.