31 May 2023

Nieuw Geneco is the proud partner van the Dag van de Componist (Day of the Composer) 

New Music NOW rolls out longest music trail during Dutch Composers Day on Saturday 17 June 2023

The second annual Dutch Composers Day will take place on Saturday, June 17, 2023, with an exciting, record-breaking event. The New Music NOW Express, a unique music train, will traverse over 347 kilometers across the Netherlands, beginning in Amsterdam and stopping in Amersfoort, Arnhem, Den Bosch, and The Hague before concluding in Utrecht. The organizers aim to establish a world record for the longest train journey featuring new music. Over the course of the festival, audiences can enjoy more than 100 concerts and performances across 12 cities, showcasing new music and highlighting the talents of over 100 composers based in the Netherlands. NPO Klassiek, a renowned radio station, will broadcast new Dutch music throughout the day. The festival is an initiative of the network and platform New Music NOW, which will report live with online TV.

With the annual Dutch Composers Day, New Music NOW wants to show the value and pleasure of new music and honour the composers of this music. The festival shows that new music is versatile and can be heard not only in concert halls and theatres, but also in bell towers, on the streets, in parks, at railway stations and in living rooms. The format of the Dutch Composers Day is unique for Europe. 

This year, for one day in each city, a “City Composer” has been appointed, who contribute to the festival with new compositions. The lineup includes Meriç Artaç (Amsterdam), Noëmi Schermann (Amersfoort), Lucas Wiegerink (Arnhem), Bart van Dongen (Den Bosch), Jan-Peter de Graaff (The Hague), and Jonás Bisquert (Utrecht). Martin Fondse, who has been appointed as Composer Laureate of the Netherlands for two years, will travel with the music train, passing the baton to each city composer through a newly composed piece at every stop.

Timetable for Saturday, June 17, 2023: – Visit New Music NOW for the complete program:
Amsterdam – 9:00 am, Amsterdam Central Station

The opening features brass musicians at the IJ waterfront, with trombonist Jörgen van Rijen & Friends performing a new piece by city composer Meriç Artaç, specially composed for Dutch Composers Day.

Amersfoort – 10:45 am, Amersfoort Station
A new composition by city composer Noëmi Schermann will be performed.

Arnhem – 1:00 pm, Arnhem Station
The city song by city composer Lucas Wiegerink and lyricist Jibbe Willems will be performed by Arnhem singers and musicians of all skill levels and generations.

Den Bosch – 3:00 pm, Den Bosch Station
Under the guidance of city composer Bart van Dongen, musicians from the youth division of the harmonie have composed their own music, which will be performed for the first time.

The Hague – 5:45 pm, The Hague Central Station
In collaboration with Festival Dag in de Branding and Festival Classique, the New European Ensemble will perform the premiere of a new piece by Kate Moore on the rising sea level at Scheveningen Beach. Subsequently, the audience can attend various concerts. City composer Jan-Peter de Graaff will compose a city song to be performed upon the train’s arrival at The Hague Central Station.

Utrecht – 7:30 pm, Utrecht Central Station
The train journey concludes in Utrecht, home of the Utrecht ‘City Composer of the Day’, Spanish-Dutch composer Jonás Bisquert. Top musicians from around the world will perform the City Composition he has composed.

Other participating cities (not visited by the train) include Rotterdam, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Oranjewoud/Heerenveen, Stiens, and Haarlem. Visit New Music NOW for the complete city-by-city program and more information.

The nationwide program features over 100 concerts from numerous partners, including the brass players of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, Holland Festival, TivoliVredenburg, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, de Doelen, Festival Dag in de Branding, Festival Classique, November Music, Gaudeamus, Orkest de Ereprijs, and various choirs, ensembles, music associations, conservatories, music schools, composers, publishers, and producers. Each organization presents its own program in its city or region. New Music NOW provides national coordination, collective promotion, and the connecting program.

For more information and program updates:
Visit the program at


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