17 February 2024

‘Ik zet de toon’ (I set the tone)

On January 19, during Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen, Taskforce GO! launched a national campaign aimed at professionals in the music sector.

With the campaign ‘Ik zet de toon’ (I set the tone), Taskforce GO! aims to address and raise awareness about boundary-crossing behavior within the music sector. The goal is to encourage music professionals to take responsibility for ensuring a safe working environment. The campaign features various well-known ambassadors from the music industry taking the lead by showcasing their own approach to addressing boundary-crossing behavior. To promote a safe working environment in the music sector, Taskforce GO! has launched a code of conduct.

Reporting Point ‘Meldpunt Mores’

Additionally, Taskforce GO! has established a reporting point where victims of discrimination, sexual misconduct, harassment, aggression and/or violence, and bullying can seek assistance. The ‘Meldpunt Mores’ (Reporting Point Morals) holds an independent position within the cultural field and consists of a team of confidential advisors. Victims can reach out to these advisors via email or WhatsApp messages. Organizations can also contact the reporting point for combating and preventing boundary-crossing behavior.

The website with direct contact information and further explanations can be found here.

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