17 February 2024

Access to Culture: On the Road to a New Order in 2029

During a gathering for organizations active in the cultural sector, the Council for Culture presented their new report titled "Access to Culture: On the Road to a New Order in 2029." Nieuw Geneco was naturally present at the event.

Esther Gottschalk and Jan-Peter de Graaff represented Nieuw Geneco at the gathering. Esther raised critical questions about the advice and received significant support from the audience: “I miss artist policy in the advice. It has been lacking in the Netherlands for decades.”

In the report, they propose the following measures to make culture more accessible:

  1. Balanced financing of culture in all regions, with additional funds to reduce regional disparities.
  2. Broadening support to various creators, organizations, and cultural genres that are currently underrepresented.
  3. Strengthening the sector by firmly anchoring cultural education, consistent funding for talent development, and better connection between amateurs and professionals.
  4. Reducing administrative burdens for creators and cultural organizations.

Proposals for change include the drafting of a “Cultural Framework Act,” centralization of funding in one national fund with regional branches, using broad definitions of art and quality, and a structural increase in the budget by €200 million per year.

Before the new system launches on January 1, 2029, many details need to be worked out. The Council suggests that the government collaborate with the cultural sector to fully harness the creativity of creators and cultural organizations.

“The council aims to ensure that government funding contributes as much as possible to a rich cultural life for everyone in the Netherlands. This is important because culture adds color to people’s lives and because cultural production, practice, and experience contribute to broad prosperity in the Netherlands.”

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