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Belinfante Quartet on playing music by Bosmans:
Around the time we started playing together ad a quartet, we came upon the biography of Frieda Belinfante, who was Bosmans’ partner. To honour this amazing woman, we named ourselves the Belinfante Quartet, and immediately we started dreaming of playing Henriëtte Bosmans’ beautiful piece. Having learned about the life they shared, this piece makes us feel as close as we can get to both these inspiring artists.
Over the past few years, we have played it all over Europe and we are very happy that we were able to record it in Muziekgebouw in 2021. We keep growing closer to this music, with its special harmonies and hazy colours. It is a piece that works in many different programmes, and it holds up very well next to string quartet highlights such as Ravel or Britten.

We are very proud to present this music to different audiences and hope it will become more and more well-known as one of the great Dutch string quartets.


Utrecht String Quartet on playing music by Bosmans:

We have performed this beautiful quartet extensively, taking it with us to audiences abroad, London, Madrid, Ottawa, New York and Sydney. The audiences have always been delightfully surprised  and thrilled to hear this fine compact music filled with crisp rhythms and impressionistic  melodies. Our CD production with NM extra received international acclaim, the American Record Guide : “…Bosmans fine 1927 Quartet is in three movements and I listened to every one of them with pleasure and admiration…she wrote real melodies”.

– Utrecht String Quartet