An international collaborative project around opera

The international project “Opera: Past, Present, Perfect” has started within the Creative Europe-Culture, European cooperation projects 2020. The realization of the project will run from September 1, 2020 to February 1, 2023. In addition to project leader Music, Opera and Theater organization MOTO other project partners Nieuw Geneco from Amsterdam, Young Musician International Association of Georgia from Tbilisi (Georgia), University of Donja Gorica in Podgorica (Montenegro) and Duško Radović Theater in Belgrade (Serbia).


The main aim of this project is to connect and train young professionals with a view to a cross-sectoral, transnational and intergenerational dialogue (between young professionals and mentors), and cooperation and exchange of expertise to ( re) positioning as an interdisciplinary and authentic European art form. More specifically, the aim is to (re) consider the context of the opera and its relevance in the contemporary world, with activities aimed at capacity building – training, education and enhancement of the competence of end users and beneficiaries, leveraging the benefits of up -to-date technologies in advertising and production (social networks, applications and digital scenography) and synergy of dialogue between generations.

The idea behind this is that formal educational centers often do not take into account that opera is an interdisciplinary art, in which each segment is equally important. The boundaries between art forms have become blurred, and with the use of new technologies, including the integration of film or real-time video and digital electronics in the work, a new sense of opera can emerge along with the vision of a young artist.

The project will be carried out not only in capitals and cultural centers of the participating countries, but also in smaller municipalities and suburban areas, with an attempt to demystify opera and classical music as “elitist”. Such an approach is based on previous experience and lessons learned from numerous projects carried out by the participating organizations at local, regional and national level.