25 April 2024

Nominate your commissioner for the Nieuw Geneco Fair Practice Award 2024.

With the annual presentation of the Nieuw Geneco Fair Practice Award, Nieuw Geneco aims to highlight good commissioner practices through exemplary cases. It is crucial for composers to be able to carry out their work for fair compensation and under conditions that allow them to sustain their careers and nurture their work to fruition over the long term.

Through this form behind the link at the bottom of this page, you can nominate a commissioner for the Nieuw Geneco Fair Practice Award. The jury will make a selection and first present a shortlist of nominees. The award will be presented on Friday afternoon, September 6, 2024, starting at 2:30 PM at TivoliVredenburg during the Gaudeamus Music Week.

When nominating your commissioner(s), consider the following criteria:

  • Fair compensation for commissions
  • Respecting rights
  • Clear communication and agreements
  • Artistic space for composers
  • Sustainable development of audience, repertoire, and performance opportunities
  • Special impact on Dutch music life and composers

The jury looks forward to your submission. The 2024 jury consists of Aart Strootman (composer), Karmit Fadael (composer and chair of Nieuw Geneco Young), and Davo van Peursen (director of NMUV and Managing Director of Donemus Publishing).

You can nominate via this link.

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