25 April 2024

Dutch jury selection announced for the ISCM World Music Days 2025 Portugal

New Geneco represents the Netherlands in the ISCM network. For the Dutch jury submission for the ISCM World New Music Days in Portugal, we received a total of 26 entries. The jury consisted of Pete Harden, Jasna Veličković, and Alison Isadora. They have selected the following six works for this year’s jury submission:

Silvia Borzelli – A Self portrait with Anatsui in the background, for prepared piano
Richard Rijnvos – Seléne, for string quartet
Richard Ayres – No. 57 (K’s Strange Day), for orchestra
Cecilia Arditto – The dearest dream, for ensemble
Gabriel Paiuk – The Construction of an Imaginary Acoustic Space, for ensemble
Hawar Tawfiq – M.C.Escher’s Imagination, for orchestra

Congratulations to all! An international jury will make the final selection from all nominations (country sections and individual submissions). We’ll keep you updated.

Photo credits:
Silvia Borzelli, Unknown
Cecilia Arditto Delsoglio, Daniel Nicolas
Richard Ayres, Co Broers
Richard Rijnvos, Frank Zweers
Hawar Tawfiq, Unknown
Gabriel Paiuk, Alex Schroder

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