8 September 2022

Nieuw Geneco selects 2 composers for international project ‘Opera: Past Present Perfect!’

On behalf of the international project Opera: Past present Perfect!, the Dutch composers association Nieuw Geneco is pleased to announce that two young composers and their works have been selected for performance. The jury selected Olga Janković and Damjan Jovičin.

International project Opera: Past, Present, Perfect! is a collaboration between MOTO (Music, Opera and Theater Organisation), the Young Musician International Association of Georgia from Tbilisi (Georgia), the University Donja Gorica from Podgorica (Montenegro), the Duško Radović Theater from Belgrade (Serbia) and Dutch composers association Nieuw Geneco. Opera: Past, Present, Perfect! aims to create a strong network of young professionals involved in the process of creating opera productions.

The two selected works will be performed and recorded at the ‘Theatre Dusko Radovic’ in Belgrade, Serbia during season 2022/2023 and are offered to be published by Dutch Donemus Publishing BV. Other prizes include personal compositional feedback workshops from composers Martijn Padding, Aspasia Nasopoulou and Jasna Veličković and Kasko theatre director Karin Netten. Nieuw Geneco also offers a series of workshops, open to interested young opera makers from all partner countries.

The jury for the open call was provided by Nieuw Geneco and consisted of Martijn Padding (composer), Aspasia Nasopoulou (composer/Orkest De Ereprijs), Karin Netten (director KASKO formerly known as Kameroperahuis), Jasna Veličković (composer). They conclude in their jury rapport :


-“Čista Voda (Clean water) from Olga Janković is conceptualized as a miniature opera with an introduction, a development section, a dramatic twist and a conclusion. The jury finds the presentation of the piece, the theatrical setup and instructions for a possible staging very clear.

-The composition has ambition and tries to do a lot in a very short time. It tells a story, has a narrative aspect but also has more abstract layers. Therefore it is a work with dialectic qualities and potentially very well suited for the theatre. The jury is curious to see it staged.”

-The futuristic, modern looking spa salon set up is original, contemporary and offers an excellent starting point for a stage designer and director to work with. It triggers the fantasy and opens up many choices.”



“Jury members selected Damjan Jovičin’s Mercy Street for its beautiful character and atmosphere. The audience will be witnessing two sounding images, two poems are put next to each other and they will create a story of their own.

-The central theme: reflecting on almost lost memory of the dead, is a strong theme and immediately speaks to all of us. The contrast with the B part for solo soprano is a ‘trouvaille’, an original and very effective choice. We are suddenly in a completely different world. The choice of leaving the voice alone offers a beautiful solemn feeling.”


Olga Janković
Cosmopolitan music composer Olga Janković, born in Siberia, Russia is an author of numerous original compositions in different genres – contemporary classical, electronic, pop music, music for film and video-games.

In 2020 Olga graduated in composition at the Faculty of Music Arts (FMU) in Belgrade. Olgas’ multiple works have been performed throughout Serbia and foreign countries. Olga continuously practices in electronic music, and cinematic music. Her recent project in cinematic music has been the TV-drama Proleće u Januaru with Serbian National Television multimedia.


Damjan Jovičin
Damjan Jovičin (born 1995) is a Belgrade-based Serbian composer who belongs to the new generation of creative artists and composers of the Balkan. He finished his Bachelor and Master of Music Studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade and is now pursuing Doctoral Studies in Music Composition in the Class of Professor of Zoran Erić. He visited masterclasses and workshops held by Brian Ferneyhough and Tristan Murail. His works are being performed all over the world.



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