Alison Isadora & Cecilia Arditto represent the Netherlands at ISCM World Music Days in New Zealand

The ISCM World Music Days will take place in New Zealand from 23 to 30 August this year. Two composers will represent the Netherlands. Alison Isadora, who grew up in New Zealand, will travel to the festival for a performance of her composition Playtime: for violin and hi-hat.

Cecilia Arditto contributes with her composition Musique Concrète from 2015. She will also give a presentation on the activities of Nieuw Geneco and on the Dag van de Componist (Day of the Composer). This Dutch festival took place for the first time on 18 June 2022, with new music concerts in the entire country.

About ‘Musique Concrète’
In Musique concrète, music is played with second-hand objects, such as a typewriter and an old fan. The objects were bought at a flea market or rescued from the rubbish bin. Two performers manipulate these sound objects and two slide projectors in different locations in a dark space. The two installations create audiovisual scenes that engage in a dialogue with the architecture of the performance space. Musique Concrète was already on the ISCM programme in 2020, but had to be postponed due to the corona pandemic.

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