Louis Andriessen 1939 – 2021

‘that is what all music is, the ongoing present’ (from ‘Gestolen Tijd’)

Louis Andriessen, the figurehead of Dutch composed music, is no longer with us. His impressive oeuvre, full of beauty and recalcitrance, has had a great impact both at home and abroad. Countless messages from former students, musicians and colleagues have poured in since his death describing his drive and generosity as a teacher and mentor. In addition to his powerful musical vision and willingness to share his knowledge, Andriessen was a builder and founder. For four decades together with colleagues such as Reinbert de Leeuw, Andriessen stood at the cradle of numerous ensembles and initiatives, always with an eye on the professional position of the composer. As a co-promoter for a flourishing Dutch music culture with a fair financial compensation for composers, we as Nieuw Geneco can also be grateful to Louis. We will continue to realize this vision.

On his sixtieth birthday Andriessen received a letter from his old teacher Luciano Berio. “You are still my youngest student, Louis,” Berio wrote. So it was. We wish his wife Monica and other loved ones strength. Rest in peace, Louis.

On behalf of the board and all members of Nieuw Geneco, New Society of Dutch Composers.