Selection ECCO entry

The jury of New Geneco, consisting of Janco Verduin, Davo van Peursen, Vanessa Lann and Alejandra Castro, made a selection of entries for ECCO.

It has since been announced that no Dutch work has been selected by ECCO / ECSA.

The Dutch entry consisted of work by:

Bianca Bongers, Trio for clarinet, cello and piano
Lucas Wiegerink, The occult beauty of the finite
Seung-Won Oh, Double Palindrome

The work selected for performance by Ensemble Fractales is of the following composers

Elis Hallik – To become a tree (Estonia)

Charlotte Torres – Dans l’ombre de Franz (Switzerland)

Ryszard Lubieniecki – The different view on ‘Layers’ [or Layers II] (Poland)

Matti Heininen – Tod und Verklärung (Finland)

Mihailo Trandafilovski – TRI-O (North Macedonia)

Vlad Răzvan Baciu – Pleasure beast (Romania)

Johan Svensson – Diamond dust (Sweden)