Call for works

ISCM World New Music Days 2021

We’d like to invite you to submit work to The International Society for Contemporary Music World New Music Days, in Shanghai and Nanning, China.

The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) World New Music Days 2021 will take place in Shanghai and Nanning from September 17 – 25, 2021. See more here:

A jury will choose 6 works for the Dutch entry. The registration for this must be received by Nieuw Geneco no later than 21 February 2021. The choice of the Dutch jury will be announced at the beginning of March. An international jury then determines the final selection. Information about this will follow.

Send your material to: (via wetransfer). More information about instrumentation etc. can be found here.

Please note: Nieuw Geneco can only accept submissions in which ALL information requested by ISCM has been sent. There is no point in submitting works that do not meet the requested duration, occupation or category.

Please also indicate in which category the work fits.



Priority will be given to works within the recommended duration for each category. Furthermore, priority will be given to works written since 2012. Only one work per composer may be submitted, by either Individual submission or Official submission.

By submitting works to this Call, composers are agreeing that if their work is selected for performance/presentation, they automatically grant permission for the ISCM performance/presentation of their work to be recorded, broadcast, and streamed from the website without additional financial liability to the ISCM or the Festival Organizers.


Information required for each Work to be submitted is:

  1. The composer’s personal and contact information: Given names; Family name; Name as it should appear in the programme; Date of birth; full Mailing address; Gender; Phone number; email address; and website (if applicable).
  2. Work information: Title; Submission Category; Accurate duration; Year of composition; Statement of whether the work has been previously performed.
  3. The score (.pdf document preferred), or audio/video documentation if the work does not have a written score – as described in the Work Categories.
  4. An audio or video recording of the work (if available).
  5. Programme notes for the submitted work in English (maximum 100 words).
  6. Technical rider specifying all equipment necessary to perform the work.
  7. Short biography of the composer in English (maximum 100 words).
  8. High-resolution digital photograph of the composer.