Cornerstones 2016-17

Cornerstones 2016-17

In our view, political and economic changes require a differentiated approach. Within that context, Nieuw Geneco is committed to safeguarding, strengthening and promoting the position of composers within the current field of influence. However, we also advocate new future opportunities. For example, we want to proactively respond to new policy and future (political) developments and we are on the lookout for opportunities to bring the practice of composers to the attention of politicians, governments and funds. In addition to lobbying, we also seek new ways of involving enthusiasts in new music and developing supplementary support structures.

In line with the cornerstones agreed upon by the General Membership Meeting (lobbying and advocacy; funding flows; profiling and vocational support), we harbour the following ambitions for the coming period.

Improving the position of composers
First of all, we would like to help strengthen the position of composers in the current grant system and protect copyrights. This requires strong lobbying and advocacy work within politics, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Performing Arts Fund NL, Buma/Stemra and international organisations. With regard to copyrights, this concerns safeguarding, strengthening and promoting the position of composers of ‘serious music’, who operate in the non-profit sector, compared to the dominant (commercial) entertainment industry.

We stand up for these interests. Therefore, if the Toeslag Ernstig (Surcharge Serious), the provision used for supporting activities in the Serious Music category, comes under threat, we will take action. If the self-employed person’s relief is in danger of disappearing, we will fight against this together with other partners in the creative industry. If the Performing Arts Fund NL amends the composition regulations, Nieuw Geneco will naturally be a consultation partner on behalf of composers.

In addition to lobbying behind the scene, Nieuw Geneco seeks public debate, together with its members, in order to bring about an understanding of the value of new music and the practice of composing. We also like to promote how composition actually has a stimulating and inspiring effect on music education.

Innovating and sector-wide cooperation
Nieuw Geneco strives to pool resources in the music world, in order to communicate the interests of a blossoming and varied music scene to the gener