Joop Voorn

1932 - 2021

We remember Joop Voorn, composer, born October 16, 1932 in The Hague and died July 11, 2021. Due to his many years of loyal membership, he was made an honorary member of Nieuw Geneco. “This is unexpected”, says composer Henk Stoop, “Joop Voorn was a good and respectable colleague, with whom we have collaborated a lot in the past. Relatively recently I played with Joop myself. His compositions radiate a certain warmth, which is also maintained with today’s newer tonal material. It certainly makes him a composer with a unique sound.” Voorn made many choral works and was the house composer of the Cappella Gabrieli until the very end. Composer Mark van Platen spoke at the farewell ceremony. He paid a special tribute on behalf of Nieuw Geneco. We wish his wife Marijke, his children and other close relatives of Joop a lot of strength.

The photo of Joop on our website is from Cappella Gabrieli