Corona update

As a result of all corona measures, New Geneco has taken action to make politicians and cultural organizations aware of the fact that this time cannot be bridged for many of its members. Some actions that have been taken can be found on this page:

The letters are all in Dutch and not easy to translate. But the resume is that Nieuw Geneco and othere organisations are very concerned about the future of composers and musicians.

What you can do yourself:
• Get your BUMA administration in order. Keep track of your performance lists and radio-television lists over the past few years, preferably in an excel-sheet. For the performance lists it is best to keep the following headings: composer’s name, working title, publisher, Buma work number, performers, city, venue, date. For the RTV list: name composer, work title, publisher, Buma work number, performers, venue, date.
• Keep track of loss and additional costs. Keep a record of cancellations (make screenshots of cancelled performances), new agreements – in any medium and extra costs (extra rehearsals, digital version).
• Apply for TOZO and TOGS even if you do not yet fit in. Apply for emergency support if you need it. Even if you don’t meet all the conditions. Please ask for legal advice if you fear it might affect your status.
• Mail your municipality if the Tozo procedure does not work. With this standard letter you can raise the alarm at your municipality if something is wrong with the TOZO procedure. Fill in / modify.

Temporary support (Tozo) for people with temporary resident permit:

People who have a resident permit to live in the Netherlands and meet the criteria of the Tozo scheme, are entitled to apply for financial support. City districts are not required to report people with temporary residence permits who apply for the Tozo to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). Applying for other forms of financial assistance can have an impact on residence status, both for people with a residence permit and for EU citizens. The IND will currently be lenient to people whose residence permits expire (and who are not applying for an extension) and for EU citizens who are temporarily unable to return to their home country due to the current situation.
Therefore, if you have a temporary Dutch resident permit, including one for self-employment, you can apply for Tozo support without worrying about negative consequences concerning your resident status.

English info:
De Kunstenbond – English Corona page
The National Government – Corona page (point 45 and 46).

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